Corporate Services

Our corporate services offer great opportunities for capturing your audience. In addition to the latest technology in social media sharing, our corporate services include data capture and impressions tracking tools for effective customer data management. Create marketing campaigns, promote brand awareness as well as utilize customer data collection tools such as custom questionnaires and surveys. Finally, add a survey or quiz for market strategy or a video for product promotion.

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Social Media Marketing

Guests can post photo booth pictures to Facebook pages, events or user’s timeline with any Open Air Photo Booth rental. Or implement the Email Feature with any Magic Mirror Selfie Booth rental. Guests will receive emails with custom subject line and email message and their pictures embedded in the body.






Or include a Social Media Station with any Open Air Photo Booth or Magic Mirror Selfie Booth Rental. Guests scroll through all images and upload any chosen photos to email, text, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.







Additionally with a Social Media Slideshow,  images from Instagram hashtags, Facebook, email or Dropbox are monitored and downloaded. The images are used to create multi-media slideshows that can be displayed on monitors, projectors, tablets or uploaded to a website.



Customer Data Collection

Social Media Stations allow for data capture, Facebook “Likes”, uploads to Facebook fan pages, surveys, and more.






Plus, add a survey or quiz people for fun or marketing. See how well people know your product or brand before or after they take photos in the booth. As a result, you can collect market insights or educate participants then provide them with a great gift.






The AIR Graffiti Wall and Graffiti Touch offer unique interactive branding opportunities. It’s easy to offer promotional marketing campaigns, promote brand awareness or create design contests. Additionally, we can include customer data collection tools such as custom questionnaires and surveys. Consequently, our clients enjoy the advantages of the latest technology in interactive, digital  experience combined with the benefits of social media marketing.



Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall
Step & Repeat Banner
Outside Open Air Booths

Advertising & Brand Promotion

Promote your brand by running contests at the Open Air Photo Booth. Contest Mode enables you to award a special winner who answers questions or trivia correctly. The winner will be awarded with special photos or be allowed to print a coupon or gift voucher.






Additionally, Social Media Stations offer infinite branding opportunities. The background and total interface can be customized. Teaming this feature up with a unique URL puts together a branding package that is unmatched. We will customize the look of the website in full HTML including: banner, header, footer, background, page title, and page description. In addition, we can add re-share options to all major social media sites so you can track the spread of your photos and page impressions for real time metrics of online brand exposure.








Finally, Custom Printed and Digital Auto Green Screen Step & Repeat Banners are great options for further promoting your company, brand or product.




Include a Social Media Station, Green Screen or Custom Step & Repeat Backdrop!